After shakedown out of Bay, Cuba, on 9 January 1946 on the first of many and employments. Returning to the east coast six months later, she remained in the Atlantic late in 1948 when she again sailed for Mediterranean waters, to patrol the coast of the direction of the Nations Mediation Board. During early 1950, with units of the Navy visited ports in Europe, whence she steamed to the Mediterranean for another tour with the 6th Fleet. In the summer of 1952 to South American, then returned to the east coast to resume her schedule of reservist and Midshipman training cruises, fleet and type exercises, and Mediterranean deployments. In 1958 the crisis the 6th Fleet; and, after her return to the east coast, participated in the first Project Mercury.


From November 1960 to January 1962 a Rehabilitation and Modernization (FRAM) overhaul, giving her the and DASH. By September 1962 she was back in the Mediterranean. During her 1963 overseas deployment with the East Force at the end of the year, into 1964, operated off eastern Florida in connection with the. Following another Mediterranean cruise and further east coast exercises in late 1965, she steamed in mid-Atlantic as a member of the recovery team’s for 6.During 1966 and 1967, she again served with the 6th Fleet and the Middle East Force, but in August 1968 she transited the Canal a tour in the western Pacific. With the 6th Fleet 26 September 1968, she served in the “Yankee Station” Surveillance Area and provided support and rescue (SAR) off South Vietnam. She arrived Mayport, Florida 9 July 1969.

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