1970 and 1971, Power deployed to show the flag in foreign countries, visiting ports in South America, Africa, and the Persian Gulf. In late 1972 and 1973, she deployed to the Mediterranean. There she participated in gunnery, amphibious, and anti-submarine exercises, and visited ports in the Riviera, Greece, and Turkey. On 2 September 1973, Power left Mayport, Florida, her homeport for many years, to move to Fort Schuyler in New York City, to assume duties in the Naval Reserve Force. A Selected Reserve Crew, which is completely integrated with the nucleus crew, reports on board for training one weekend each month for two weeks annually. During 1974, Power underwent a five and one-half million overhaul, receiving major work in the area of engineering, electronics. And habitability. Having rejoined the Reserve Force, Power could mobilize and be ready for any conflict or contingency. Following her overhaul, she returned to Fort Schuyler and contented training reserves. On 14 January 1976, she again deployed with reserves for training, and in June she participated in COPUTEX 5. After returning to her homeport, she departed in May for Norfolk to her ammunition, then return to New York. In July she departed once more for Mayport, going alongside Yosemite AD-19, and arrived back in Brooklyn for overhaul at the Coastal Dry-dock Company. Following her overhaul and refresher training, she resumed her regular schedule of training reservists.

USS Power  decommissioned in September 1977, and sold to the Republic of China (Taiwan) in October. ROCS Sheng- Yang (DDG-923) Sheng-Yang decommissioned 26 November 2005    in a ceremony hosted by Admiral-Chi Chen, the commander-in-chief of the ROCN. The ship, then Taiwan’s last ex-Gearing-class destroyer, will once again become a ship.